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Carpet Cleaning Fees:

Wool = $4.00 per square foot ($25.00 min.)
Silks = $5.50 per square foot ($25.00 min.)
Navajos = $5.50 per square foot ($25.00 min.)
Wet Wool = $4.50 per square foot
Wet Navajo or Silk = $6.00 and up. Please contact us for exact pricing.
Scotchguard/Moth Proof (repel) = $1 per square foot
Rugstop Pad = $14.95 per square yard
Wonderlock Pad = $24.95 per square yard
Cloth Backing = $24.95 per square yard
Vinyl Backing = $24.95 per square yard
Machine Narrow Binding = $1.75 per linear foot
Machine Wide Binding = $4.00 per linear foot
Surging = $3.50 per linear foot
Machine-Made Fringing = $7.50 per linear foot

Storage/Shipping Wrapping Services:
2′-3′ rug = $20
4′-6′ rug = $25
7′-9′ rug = $30
10’+ rug = $40

Bring in Cleaning Prices:
Dry Carpet & Synthetic = $3.00 per square foot
Dry Wool = $3.50 per square foot
Dry Silk/Navajo = $5.00 per square foot

You can obtain your square footage by multiplying the width of your rug with the length of the rug (i.e. 2′ Width X 3′ Length = 6 Square Feet)

Your rugs linear footage is equal to the sum of all the sides. (i.e. 2′ width X 3′ length rug would be calculated as 2’+2’+3’+3′ = 10 linear feet)

1 square yard is equal to 9 square feet.

Don’t feel like doing math to get an estimate?  Visit our Online Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services Estimator page to receive an immediate estimate for cleaning of your specific rug or carpet.

We also have an Online Rug Binding, Surging & Fringing Estimator as well as an Online Rug Backing and Padding Estimator available. 

If you have a rug stain that you’re trying to remove, take a look at our Online Rug Stain Removal Lookup Tool for step by step instructions on how to remove virtually any type of rug stain.

Additional information is available on our professional services for rugs and carpet and our large inventory of area rugs and other carpet and rug products and accessories.  All rugs in our inventory are available for sale through our Online Rug Web Store.

Still not convinced we’re the best carpet and rug business in Phoenix?  Here’s a few more reasons why you should choose us for all your affordable, professional rug and carpet needs.

Got Rug or Carpet Questions? Feel free to chat with us, contact us, or give us a call at (602) 244-9329